Performance Enhancement

Performance Coaching

At RPM we’re aware that optimum performance goes far beyond just the physical. With the likes of David Beckham and David James undertaking performance enhancing practices such as visual imagery and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), it’s clear to see that nowadays it’s just as important to keep your mind in shape, as your body. From pre-match nerves and anxieties through to self-confidence, our top performance coaches are on hand to do just that.

The importance of a mentor…

Each RPM player will be assigned a specific 'mentor' and these won't just be your run of the mill ex-footballers. Each mentor we recruit is of the highest calibre when it comes to imparting knowledge, understanding and most importantly offering close support to every one of our players.

The idea is that by having a mentor on hand, you have someone to turn to who has been there before and found a route through whatever it is you are experiencing, whether that be good or bad, on or off the pitch. Perhaps you need picking up after a bad game or someone to ensure your feet stay on the ground after a superb performance or even someone to help you with those big decisions that come your way? Our experienced mentoring team provides unique additional support and guidance.

Consider your mentor to be your personal coach. If you were to take golf lessons would you take advice from someone who was a 28 handicapper or would you prefer someone who has played at the very highest level and someone for whom you have the utmost admiration for? The same thinking is applied here. What’s more, all our mentors have undertaken a considerable level of psychological education, meaning they can impart not just experience, but also an understanding of how to deal with different events in your professional career from a psychological point of view too.

Injury Prevention Sessions

As part of our overall care package, we are in the fortunate position to offer some of the latest technology in helping prevent injury. RPM is working closely with Phil Edwards (Chartered Physiotherapist and Sports Therapist) who has over twenty five years in the treatment and management of sports injuries, helping to keep days in the treatment room to a minimum.

Phil has headed up the physio departments at three professional football clubs, lectures nationally and internationally in the treatment and management of Sports Injuries and is currently involved in research which helps identify disparity in the lower limbs, an important aspect of helping keep players on the field.

This evolving technology has helped identify deficits in professional athletes helping both pre and post injury candidates. At RPM we’re able to offer every one of our players a complimentary test every three months which helps ensure that early signs of potential injury are kept to a minimum, or post injury that bilateral discrepancies are minimal.

Exuberance Hypnotherapy

Until recently the word hypnosis had something of a stigma attached. Previously, the idea that someone could force you to relinquish control was one received with both disbelief and distrust. However as understanding of the subject has increased, so too has the impact and use of hypnotherapy which is now widely considered one of the greatest tools for an athlete to tap into.

Partnering with Dave Sabat of Exuberance Hypnotherapy, RPM boast arguably the best hypnotherapist in the UK. Having studied and qualified with The Institute of Clinical Hypnosis in London and working as a full-time Hypnotherapist since 2005, Dave has built up a successful hypnotherapy practice in Harley St, purely on the back of referrals.

Hypnosis is in essence a way in which you can tap into your deep unconscious, the part of you which controls you and your actions. It's this part of you that creates negative emotions such as fear, doubt and worry and it’s these exact emotions that Dave can help combat. Having helped thousands of clients achieve their goals, including several high profile sportsmen with superb results, he offers RPM members an ethical, professional and confidential hypnotherapy service specialising in sports therapy and NLP.

As a sport psychologist I'm always interested in new ideas, which is why I think RPM stands out from the crowd with the performance enhancement and mentoring service that it offers to footballers.   Today's Premier League is a global phenomenon, and global players want to come and play in it. This means professional football in England is more competitive than ever. Getting in the first team requires so much more than talent. If you don't know how to sustain and build your confidence, improve your ability to deal with distractions, think clearly on and off the pitch, train effectively, and perform under pressure consistently, then you're not going to cut the mustard. This is where RPM is different. Their performance and mentorship programme can help the most ambitious of footballers become the very best they can be.

Dan Abrahams, Sports Psychologist