This is another jewel in the RPM crown, something else that differentiate us from the rest.


At RPM we're aware that a career in football can be a short one. Ordinarily you may be fortunate enough to have 10-15 years to make an income that you'd hope would sustain you for years after your playing days are over. If you make the very highest echelons of the football pyramid then you may well be in a position to do this however the truth is that most footballers will need to build an income once their playing days are over.

The difficulty for many footballers lies in the fact that your 'brand' is at it's strongest when you are playing however this is when your focus needs to be directed towards your playing career. You may be fortunate enough to be earning large sums of money now but have you planned for when that pay cheque doesn't arrive at the end of the month?


At RPM we have a revolutionary solution;


Someone who understands the world of business more than most is Richard Lee. Alongside his playing career Richard has helped build several strong businesses, which also included a successful appearance on Dragon's Den. Arguably Richard has been more well-known for his business interests than his football career in recent years and is largely considered one of the most astute ex-footballers who have delved into the world of business.

Richard will work exclusively with RPM clients to help build a business at no cost to the client that will utilise their growing name in the football world and offer the potential of a highly profitable business running nicely alongside your career ready for when those playing days do come to an end.