Our Partners

To offer the very best to our footballers, we partner with brands in a variety of industries from market-leading headwear brands Mitchell & Ness and Starter Black Label right through to hypnotherapist specialists Exuberance Hypnotherapy.

Mitchell & Ness

Authentic sports and street wear brand established since 1904 and endorsed by US sports leagues NBA, NHL, NFL and NCAA.

Starter Black Label

One of the most recognised brands in headwear and sports apparel since 1971. Proud collaborator of the Rio Ferdinand 5 snapback among many others.

Grove Life Client Management & Services

Giving you expert advice and service delivery from renovation to relocation and nightlife to vehicle maintenance.

Refuel Brand Distribution

Hugely successful European Brand Distributor to help take any product you launch from conception to market.

20Eleventhal Productions

Supplying tailored film and online video content to showcase clients’ talent both professionally and commercially.

Exuberance Hypnotherapy

Ethical, professional and confidential hypnotherapists specialising in sports therapy and NLP (neuro linguistic programming).

Sporting Connect

Sporting Connect exists to improve the quality of sport by enabling teams and individuals to fulfil personal development, benefit from new opportunities and make influential connections all via the sharing platform that is made available by Sporting Connect.

Knightwood Private Risk Management

Competitive insurance broker providing cover across a range of products.

ESDV Academy

Combining education and sport to create full-time academies for young athletes to develop and excel within.

Refuel Global Brands

Brand distribution company that handles all manufacturing, distribution and marketing for brands including heritage streetwear brand, Starter Black Label.

Sports Mobile

Sports Mobile was established over 10 years ago to provide an exclusive and secure mobile phone service for high profile sports professionals.  Their clients receive a highly personalised service, with an appreciation of the care and attention to ensure that individual mobile phone requirements are provided in a secure environment.

U.S. Soccer Scholarships

At U.S Soccer Scholarships, we offer a comprehensive selection of services that assist players in their search for a college/university in the USA. All our services are designed to assist our clients through the complex process of securing a place at an American college and are based on their individual capabilities and preferences.