What We Offer

Our 360 degree approach to management aims to maximise your position and potential at every possible opportunity, and we offer this across a number of expertly staffed divisions:

  • Performance coaching
  • Footwear, headwear and clothing provision
  • Media Relations and Brand Positioning
  • Injury prevention sessions
  • Lifestyle services and day-to-day player liaison
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Media support and showcasing
  • Brand creation
  • Business and investment advice
  • Legal and insurance consultants

By choosing RPM, you’ll instantly start to benefit from the support of each of our divisions. Whether in the initial stages of your career and looking to make a name for yourself, or starting to consider investing in avenues that extend beyond football, we are the one-stop-shop to help you do just that.

You’ll be assigned a highly skilled team to help ensure you have all your needs catered for.

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